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Tips to Keeping Squirrels Away From Your Garden

iStock_000070130963_SmallSquirrels can be among the cutest of the woodland creatures. Many of us enjoy seeing their fluffy tails with anticipation or watching as they frantically gather nuts and seeds for an upcoming winter. When they move their scavenging from the woods to our gardens, however, their relative cuteness can quickly descend into bitter annoyance. Squirrels can do severe damage to flowers, vegetables, and root systems as they hunt for food. Also, they are renown for relentlessly making their way onto bird feeders. To deal with their destructive nature, there are many different steps which can be taken.

The more trees that are available surrounding your garden, the more appealing the area will be to squirrels. To discourage an open pathway from the protection of the tree canopy to your garden, install aluminum flashing around the base of the trees using nails or stainless steel screws. This measure will also prevent damage to the bark of the tree at its base. When the time comes for planting new bulbs and vegetables, your garden is at its most vulnerable point. To protect your plants, consider placing a plastic mesh or netting over the freshly planted items. The loose dirt encourages scavengers. However, the mesh provides a barrier which will not prevent the growth of your garden.

Motion-detecting sprinklers are another effective method of keeping out squirrels.If squirrels are in the area, these systems may be programmed to activate when they sense the movement. Sudden streams of water will frighten squirrels away temporarily. Squirrels also have an aversion to certain spices. Planting peppers either around your garden or in pots that surround the space can serve as a deterrent to eager squirrels. When the chili pepper is hotter, the more effective, your barrier will be. Thai chilies, cascabel las, and habaneras are among the most popular choices for this measure of protection.

Bird feeders are the most challenging element of your garden to protect. Squirrels are aware that this is a reliable, secure source of food. For these reasons, they will go to great lengths to conquer any deterrent that may be in their way. The first action to take is a simple one. Keep the area beneath the feeder raked and free of seeds. Bird feed which has fallen on the ground is the first thing that brings the feeder to the attention of the squirrel. It may seem like a loss to your garden, but moving bird feeders away to paved areas can help to eliminate the temptation for the squirrels to enter. Should you be set on having a bird feeder in the garden, there are many efficient feeders which are designed specifically to keep out squirrels.

The easiest methods for controlling squirrels is to call pest control services. If all of the above methods are ineffective, this option is the only choice left. Pest control services can offer a variety of solutions for removing squirrels that will not harm your garden in the process of removing the unwanted critter. The use of chemicals or poisons in the ground surrounding your property is an unwise choice. Pest removal on the professional level is best left to companies with experience and expertise.