How to Control Pigeons at Your Property

Feral Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) perched with a blue sky background
Feral Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) perched with a blue sky background

Summer is here and we all want to spend time in the out of doors. After being inside for most of the winter, the outdoors calls to us. We clean out the BBQ, hose down the patio furniture and pull all the weeds; now it is time to enjoy our yards. So we invite the friends and family over for a garden party and guess who shows up? The birds!

Each year homeowners spend hundreds of dollars to keep birds out of their yards, away from their gardens and off of their homes. Birds seem to love our yards as much as we do. It is a nice place to find food (your garden), water (your pool or fountain) and shelter (large trees or the eaves of your home). These birds can cause a lot of damage if left alone. They can ruin housing material, decimate your garden and eat all the fruit off your trees. The droppings and debris they leave behind is also harmful, pest birds like pigeons and sparrows can carry any of 60 transmittable diseases. To get rid of birds, it is time to install some sort of bird control.

Keep Pigeons Out Of Fruit Trees

Scare birds out of your fruit trees with visual bird deterrents. These “flashy” bird deterrents move with the breeze and reflect the sun with their shinny surfaces. The birds do not like the moving objects in the trees or the reflections in their eyes. They will be frightened and keep going to a more suitable place to land and grab a bite to eat.

Keep Pigeons Out Of Your Garden

Birds love to eat out of your garden. They will eat the seeds you have just planted and gorge on the veggies as they ripen. To keep them away from your garden install garden bird netting. Using regular garden stakes, install the stakes around the garden. You can now attach the bird netting to the stakes so that the birds cannot get through. As the plants grow, just move the netting up the post. Garden bird netting comes in different mesh sizes, get the right size for the type of bird that is attacking your garden. It if is small birds get the ¼” mesh netting, for larger birds you can use the 1/4 mesh net.

Keep Pigeons Out of Your Yard

A good method to keep pest birds out of your yard is to use a sound bird deterrent. These deterrents play loud distress and predator calls of the birds that are invading your yard. When the birds hear these calls they will by instinct flee the area. The distress calls tell the pest birds that danger is near and to move on to a safer area (most likely your neighbors yard). Once the birds are gone you can turn off the bird deterrent, if they should start to return just turn it back on.

In the spring and summer birds can be a beautiful thing to watch and listen to in our yards, but when they start eating our gardens and pooping all over our property, they become pests. Once the birds become pests it is time to get rid of them.

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