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Simple bird control methods – which one to go for?

Homes, professional and corporate buildings, small businesses and boats are only a small part of those affected by the bird problem. In order to solve that, we have bird control, which is a name for all the methods that can deter or eliminate the pest birds which might land, nest or roost and damage our home or property. This is an important issue, since birds can not only cause physical damage, but they can be the reason for a number of health-related problems. To counter this, there are currently a couple of methods available, and each is more effective in certain circumstances, and less effective in other ones.

Physical deterrents, such as plastic spike systems, electrified or non-electrified wire systems, slope barriers or mechanical spiders are one of the simplest ways to battle the bird problem. These methods can either harm the birds, or simply shock them so they do not come back. Among these, the most effective ones are the shocking wire and strips, along with the mesh and netting, since they effectively repel the birds, while not causing them harm.

Chemical deterrents can be a little trickier, since there are certain localities which place restrictions on the use of these chemicals. This is due to the fact that some of the chemical deterrents are made to kill the birds, while others, that do not cause harm, have so far produced limited results which are not sufficient for some people. Some of the solutions currently available on the market include fogging agents and taste aversion products.

Sonic avian deterrents are another widely used method. They usually comprise of audible sounds which are made to represent distress and predator calls of a number of birds, thus chasing away any potential pest birds which might come near the area. These devices are very simple, but most of the pest species will get used to them in a matter of months, rendering them ineffective.

To sum it all up, which of the aforementioned simple bird control methods works for you is mostly dependent of the environment and conditions you are in. If you’re in a house or a building which doesn’t have an open area surrounding it, you’ll be best of with physical deterrents, or chemicals, provided they aren’t restricted. If you’re in an open space, sonic avian deterrents are your best bet. Whichever you go for – you will solve your bird problem and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.